Long Term Disability Claims

TGF is committed to helping people who are unable to work due to a disability.  People who are covered by a group health plan or other insurance coverage may be entitled to LTD benefits.  These benefits are governed by complex plans with detailed procedures for filing claims and appealing denials.  The process for obtaining LTD benefits requires presentation of medical evidence and advocacy under the plan provisions.  If a person is denied LTD benefits, he is entitled to appeal under the LTD plan and, if finally denied by under the plan, he is entitled to sue in federal court for LTD benefits.  These law suits are governed by detailed laws, often including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) that limit remedies and, in some cases, may even prevent pursuing the claim if all procedures are not followed.

TGF handles a wide variety of matters that fall under ERISA, including claims for LTD benefits. We help individuals navigate the complex and dangerous waters of ERISA LTD claims.  TGF represents individuals have been denied LTD benefits and fights to ensure those individuals receive all benefits to which they are entitled.  TGF provides free initial consultations to individuals who have been denied benefits.  We work to increase access to healthcare by pursuing all available resources to ensure quality of care.