Medical Liens

Many states have laws that allow medical providers to assert lien rights for costs of treating patients’ injuries caused by third parties (auto accidents, slip and fall, etc). Lien rights are critical in third party liability matters because many payer policies and healthcare contracts (including Medicare and Medicaid) either exclude coverage or require coordination of benefits and identification and exhaustion of liability coverage when injuries were caused by another party. Failure to file and enforce a medical lien may prevent a provider from receiving payments from a patient’s health insurer in many situations.

The process is further complicated by crafty personal injury attorneys who seek to avoid medical liens to maximize the settlement funds to their client (your patient) by avoiding proper payment of medical bills after settlement. TGF assists providers at any stage of the process, from timely and valid filing of liens, to confirming third party liability and obtaining respective payments.

Many states allow providers to assert medical liens in third party liability situations, or when their patient’s injuries were caused by a third person
Medical liens are critical in third party liability situations because many insurance policies exclude coverage when injuries were caused by another party

  • TGF effectively enforces liens by determining potential parties, ensuring proper notice, and carefully monitoring the progress of insurance payments, settlements, or judgments